Sola Flow Measurement


  1. Translate the databasen Hoeywell Loveland DOCUMINT to Norwegian.  Mai-Juni 2000
  2. Revision of Balder and Jotun metering manuals. September 2000
  3. Participated in the Sørco team developing start up and system documentation for the HULDRA platform, Autumn of year 2000
  4. Audit of oil and gas measurement at the Lulita field in Denmark. This audit were carried out in Esbjerg in Denmark in Januar 2001
  5. Developed metering manual for Statoils platforms Huldra and Veslefrikk. Spring of 2001.
  6. Projekt follow up for upgrade of the oil meter and installation of fuel and flare meters on Petrojarl I. This job was carried out for PGS production september 2000 to October 2001.
  7. Development of metering manual for Petrojarl I. Spring of 2001. Translated to Norwegian January 2002.
  8. Miscelaneous assistance to PGS, Petrojarl I during start up of the metering systems on Glitne, Oktober 2001 ->
  9. Develop system descriptions for the Ekofisk field, Oktober 2001.
  10. Involved in writing guidelines for fiscal measurements for an American oil company, 2002.
  11. Petrojarl Varg measurement workshop, PGS 2003
  12. Petrojarl I new fuel gas meter, PGS 2003
  13. Metering course, NPD regulations and metering manual, PGS 2003.
  14. Develop QA manuals for ITAS, 2003
  15. Assistanse to Petrojarl I ongoing 2004
  16. Volve preliminary metering studies. PGS 2004
  17. Developed a document referencing the most important standards used in fiscal metering. The document can be found on NPD home page. NPD 2004.
Sola Flow MeasurementTelephone: 51 65 62 52Nettstedskart