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Internal Audits


Internal Audits



As required by ISO 9001 all certified companies have to have internal audits carried out. Audit of own work is not accepted.

We therefore have developed processes to carry out “internal” audits for small companies that do not have an internal audit group.


I have 4 years of audit experience from internal and external audits of oil companies. The internal audit department where involved both in internal audits but also project audits in partner audits of offshore development projects and offshore operations.

On external audits, my job was most often linked to technical matters. On internal audits focus was on following procedures. 


Any audits will be carried out according to our internal audit procedures


Preparations for an audit will be carried out in cooperation with management or the company audit coordinator.

Field work

The actual audit will take place during working hours. All communication will be documented. Findings/deviations will be discussed to avoid misunderstandings and proposed actions will be agreed with the customer to find acceptable solutions to any problems.

Our target is to find the best way forward and to establish compliance either by making changes to the actual work process or to rewrite the procedure.


A report will be written to reflect findings and comments found during the audit. The report will be circulated to the management as draft version in Word format for comments. Final report will be distributed as a PDF file or as a paper report.

SFM target

Our target is to assist the client with the ISO requirement to continuously improve their QA system. Either by changing work practice or modify procedures whichever is the best way forward.

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