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Development of QA documents


Development of QA documents



This information explains SFM’s preferred way of developing QA procedures for a company.


We have developed a template for QA documents for small and intermediate size companies. The template consists of one main manual and a set of procedures required by ISO 9001:2000.


The documents lay out is as shown on this page. However, other layouts will be used if preferred by the customer.


The management will be involved in defining the company needs and to define processes to be included in the QA system.

Adjustment of template

The template will then be adjusted to fit the company needs, and additional company specific procedures listed to cover all processes defined for the company QA system.


We will involve employees in developing the company specific procedures to ensure the procedure really reflects the processes. Involving the employees should also increase the procedure ownership and ease introduction of the QA system.

SFM target

The system is developed to actually reflect existing processes, hence the system should not increase workload, reduce productivity nor change the average product quality. However, the system should reduce any variation in product quality.

If management, however, want to immediately try to improve on product quality we will assist writing the procedures to obtain the company target.


The target of ISO 9001 is to continuously improve the product quality and the QA system. The system is therefore written to satisfy the requirements for system improvements.

Based on the initial procedures and manuals, the QA system and more important, the product quality can be enhanced over time, hopefully resulting in better productivity, better products and better quality.

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