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Continues improvement


Continues improvement



As required by ISO 9001 all certified companies have to continuously improve their QA systems. 

We can assist in order to help a company to achieve such continuous improvement. Further we will document the process.


We can carry out internal audits and external audits of vendors etc. Please see the audit link on the previous page for more information about the audit process.


We believe that continuous improvement best is achieved if this is a process over time.

We can then work through procedure by procedure and verify that each work process are correctly reproduced in the procedure and even more important, work with the company to see if there are smarter ways to achieve the same or better results.

Details in the work will more or less follow our audit procedure but will last longer than an audit but will not necessarily end up with a higher cost.

SFM target

Our target is to assist the client with the ISO requirement to continuously improve their QA system. Either by changing work practice or modify procedures whichever is the best way forward.

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