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Metering Audits


Metering Audits



Metering audits are required at regular intervals. The audits can be done by the field owners as a partner audit, it can be carried out by the operator or by NPD.

An audit can, however, also be carried out by third party auditors representing all of the above bodies.

Type of audit

We offer to carry out metering audits on behalf of partners and operators. Audits carried out for the operator can be carried out as a traditional audit or as a workshop.

Traditional audit

For a traditional audit we will follow our audit procedure. This procedure starts with planning and review of documents, field work and reporting. All work will be documented and all findings will be discussed with the client representative before a report is written and finally issued.


For a metering workshop we will facilitate a self assessment of the operations. The operators and technicians will then work through the processes and point out what is done differently from the procedures.

We will discuss all findings with the client representatives to define the significance of the finding and to agree on an action to close the gap.

A workshop like this should preferably be held on site with a crew change during the workshop to cover two shifts.

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