Sola Flow Measurement

Development projects


Development projects



We can take on responsibility for installation of metering systems for onshore and offshore use.

The service can cover all parts of the project as:

Ø      Development of system specifications,

Ø      Selection of vendors,

Ø      Following up vendors,

Ø      Installation and testing.

Ø      Preparations  for operations



For such job we will follow our ISO 9001 procedures and client procedures for the project.


We will carry out the project at the client specified site. However, in periods with little work load and limited need for team interaction we prefer to work from our own offices.

Cost saving

For periods we are working from our own offices we will only charge hours worked. In this way the project do not need to pay for unproductive hours, accommodation and unnecessary travel costs for a person with limited workload at site.

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